Flou inc. is a rotational molder and custom manufacturer that uses innovative design and engineering to create sustainable products, systems, and hardware from virgin and recycled plastic.  

We provide our clients a complete service from mold design, production, finishing, packaging, and shipping.  All of our products are guaranteed and use the highest quality polymers.

We also produce our Flou signature products, including high-quality water tanks, rain barrels, cold climate insulated tanks, hardware, systems, and parts for hydroponic and aquaponic farming.

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Flou inc. creates products that have a long-term, positive impact on our world and the environment. We make all of our products from reusable and recyclable materials. In addition, we assess and test all products before production to determine their environmental impact. 

We promote and practice sustainability and social responsibility by:

-Creating eco-friendly products that support water conservation and food security

-Researching and developing products that increase the efficiency of home and agriculture systems

-Testing new materials and designs to minimize our and our customers' ecological footprint

-Partnering with municipalities offering a rainwater harvesting system rebate

-Coordinating an affiliate program that donates proceeds to local conservation groups 

-Providing living wage employment and skill-building opportunities to our employees

  • Cold Climate Insulated Tanks

    This unique tank has three layers to keep water fresh in colder climates. Our
    insulated tanks use LLDPE closed-cell foam to keep water temperature
    consistent and to prevent freezing. The black inner layer is made with
    food-grade material to prevent algae growth. Tanks are available in various
    colours to match the exterior of your house, cottage, shed, or building.

    Cold Climate Insulated Tanks 
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

    This tank is ideal for rainwater harvesting to conserve water and reduce
    stormwater runoff. The dual-layered tank's design features a water-safe,
    food-grade black interior lining to block light and prevent algae growth. The
    exterior layers are made from recycled materials. Tanks are available in
    various colours to match the exterior of your house, cottage, shed, or building.

    Rainwater Harvesting Tanks 
  • Single Layer Water Tanks

    This tank is excellent for indoor use and the storage of well water. It is
    available in black to block out light and prevent algae growth. It is also
    available as a translucent (natural) tank, which makes it easy to monitor indoor water levels.

    Single Layer Water Tanks 
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