Flotank – Rainwater harvesting tanks and rain barrels

Our Flotank rainwater harvesting tanks and rain barrels are designed with your safety in mind and can be used for a variety of water storage applications.

We use NSF and CSA approved materials for all our Flotank water tanks and rain barrels.

This Flotank water tank comes with a Dual-walled design, a coloured exterior and a black interior to prevent light and inhibit algae growth.

We make our water tanks and rainbarrels from quality materials that are 100% recyclable and built to last, and we back that up with a 10 Year warranty.

The Flotank has a 16″ lid for easy access and cleaning. As well as a leaf basket to catch leaves, mosquitos and bugs that can enter your downspout.

16″ Lid and Leaf basket.

Our solid HDPE lid with leaf basket, filters leaves from your downspout while keeping out bugs and Mosquitos. All our Flotank water tank and rain barrel fixtures are made from CSA and NSF accredited materials for drinking water applications.

Water safe

All our water tanks, rain barrels and fixtures are made from NSF water safe and Food-Grade materials.

Restricts Algae growth

Our dual-walled design water tanks and rain barrels block out light and prevent algae growth. Keeping your water fresh and healthy.

10 Year Warranty

We provide a full 10-year warranty on all of our Flotank water tanks and rain barrels. We use top quality LLDPE NSF safe resins to provide long-lasting quality water tanks and rain barrels.

Fittings Included

We provide 3/4″ household fittings with each rainwater tank and rain barrel, with a range of fittings available at request to fit your installation requirements.

Every drop Counts

Every drop of rainwater harvested not only saves you money but helps the ecology. It means less water enters our sewers polluting our lakes and rivers, it also means less needs to be pumped and treated for home use.

Calculate your Rainwater Harvest

Roof Area (ft2) X Rainfall (in) X 0.623 = Amount Collected (gallons)

The Southern Ontario annual rainfall is 785 mm | 30.9 inch.

We are focused on sustainability

Food security and efficient water management are keys to a sustainable future and are at the heart of our developing product portfolio.

Food grade

Our water safe food-grade water tanks and rain barrels are made from NSF and CSA approved materials and are safe for you and all your water requirements.