Water Tanks

Water tanks or Water storage tanks are used in many applications, and it’s important to ensure you have the right tank for that application.

All water storage tanks for potable water, which are used for human, animal and plant consumption, should be made from materials that are safe and FDA approved.

This includes tanks for drinking water, irrigation and livestock agriculture, food preparation and all other purposes involving medication, food, plants and livestock.

Vertical polythene tanks

The most common and simplest to install are vertical polyethylene Tanks.

We provide a variety of vertical Polyethylene tanks, in many Shapes and sizes.

Rainwater Tanks are designed specifically to collect the rainwater that falls on your roof and keep it safe for use in your garden or filter it for drinking.

A quality rainwater tank can have numerous features including leaf traps, filters and vent screens, to prevent contaminants from entering the water.

Tanks should be blacked out to prevent light penetration and inhibit algae growth.

Our Flotank range of rainwater tanks come with a black food grade inner layer moulded in, blocking out light and all the features to keep your water as fresh as possible.

Most Rainwater harvesting tanks range between 120gal and 1000gal, while Smaller Rainwater tanks under 100gal are often called Rain barrels.

Rain barrels

It’s important to do your research, most rain barrels are significantly smaller and only hold 50gal and fall short of the potential 500gal to 1000gal the average home can harvest on a rainy day.

Ensure your rainbarrel is food safe, as many repurposed rain barrels are may have held contaminants that are not safe for most food-related uses.

Flotank – Safe, Water, Storage.

Closed top tanks are mainly used for liquid storage, and can range from 50gal to 10000gal. These come with a variety of features, to suit the application and many can be customized with the appropriate fittings.

Open Top Tanks are mainly used for storage of dry goods in various forms, including grains, seeds, powder and pellets, but can be used for mixing purposes.

Horizontal Tanks are designed to be stationary and are most often used for water and chemical storage when space is limited.

Septic Tanks and cisterns are designed to be buried, are generally horizontal in shape with extra ribbing and structure moulded in the design to give it strength.

We provide a variety of water tank products, So don’t forget to let us know your requirements at products@flou.ca