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135 Gallon Cold Climate Insulated Water Tank

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We are committed to providing products that offer all-season sustainable solutions. Our FLOU cold climate insulated tanks are tripled layered and have all the features of our regular water tanks.

They are designed to keep your water temperature constant and prevent freezing during colder months.

  1. The outer layer is made from recycled materials and colored to blend with your home, cottage, shed, or building.
  2. The middle layer is made with  LLDPE closed-cell foam to provide insulation and strength.
  3. The inner layer is made with a black FDA-approved, water-safe, and food-grade material to block out light and prevent algae growth.


  • Tank capacity is 135 US gallons | 111 imperial gallons | 500 litres
  • 28.5" D x 60" H
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • It comes with a 16" lockable LLDPE lid.
  • Available in beige, brick red, light/dark grey, black, peak white, and yellow.
  • Made in Canada with FDA-approved food-grade UV Stabilized LLDPE