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160 Gallon Rainwater Harvesting Tank

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Our dual-layer 160 gals (606L) water tanks are made from FDA-approved water-safe/food-grade plastic.  Offered in a range of colors to match the exterior of your property.  The sleek, tall, and narrow shape allows the tank to stand neatly against the side of your house, or under your downspout for easy collection.


  • Safe, fresh drinking water: Tanks are engineered with a black interior inner layer for extra protection that blocks out light and restricts algae growth. The 16” leaf basket filters leaves from downspout and keeps out insects.  Fittings are made from CSA/NSF-accredited materials.
  • Increased water storage capacity: Tanks provide a large reservoir to collect rainwater. At 160 gal they’re significantly larger capacity than the typical 55 gal rain barrel (200L) you will find at a hardware store.
  • Easy setup and maintenance: Tanks are light enough to be moved on a dolly and installed by a single person. Includes easy-to-install ¾” bulkhead fitting, brass spigot, and a 6” manway with a solid LLDPE lid for easy cleaning.  Tanks are best placed under a downspout, on stone, asphalt, paved, or a 3-4” gravel bed.  The ¾” overflow fits a standard hose that can be directed into the garden or back into the downspout.
  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable.  We will take back tanks that are end-of-life and granulate them for use in new products to keep plastic out of our landfills.  
  • Guarantee: Tanks are built to last with UV stabilized LLDPE +10-year warranty.


  • Tank capacity is 160 US gallons (606 litres / 133 imperial gallons)
  • 29” D x 60” H
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Comes with a 6" LLDPE lid, ¾” bulkhead fitting, spigot, and overflow spout
  • Available in beige, brick, light/dark grey, peak white and yellow
  • Made in Canada with FDA-approved food-grade UV Stabilized LLDPE